Ancient Innovations: The Hammurabi Code of Law.

Innovation is the human trait that led to today’s technological age. It has always been present throughout all human ages, manifesting in different ways. Without innovation, we would still be hunting animals with spears. We would still be lighting fire with stones.

Being innovative tends to serve 2 purposes. The first would be to express a problem artistically that is not obvious to the majority of people. The second would be to provide tools to make the lives of others easier.

The 2nd one will be what we discuss today.

Innovative Politics: The Hammurabi Code of Law.

The Hammurabi Code of law is an ancient Babylonian constitution, set into motion by King Hammurabi of Babylon. This was as far back as 1800 BC.

The code of law was an intricate set of rules governing many aspects of human life. This included financial matters like agricultural and real estate, to family matters such as marriages, slave laws, etc.

Now what makes this law so innovative? Well, it is the fact that the code of “laws” and their detail is one of the oldest to be found in human history. It is rare to see such intricacy in law creation, especially in an ancient civilization.

The Hammurabi code of law is one of the first law systems to be scribed in stone in the world. It served as a redirection from verbal laws and tribal rulings that were hall marks of past societies.

In addition to the shift from verbal tradition, the code of law was so universal in application, to the point where future civilizations would use it for their own rule systems. The Roman Empire was a perfect example of that.

The Innovation Behind the Code of Law.

The law wasn’t exactly the most humanistic one on the planet. It was highly based on ancient hierarchal systems of patriarchy, and unequal perceptions of gender. Yet, it was the fairest to be seen for an additional 3000 years.

Hammurabi’s code of law was a major advancement. You have to consider that just a few decades before the law code was created, Babylon was a city Kingdom. It was so small in size, being surrounded by territories that were eventually conquered under King Hammurabi.

Therefore, it could be said that this innovation was a result of an powerful vision.

King Hammurabi was a man who envisioned a lot for his nation. He had plans to conquer, turning Babylon into the famed ancient civilisation known today. He also had plans to create a civil/urban lifestyle through his code of law.

Learning to Innovate with King Hammurabi’s Mindset.

Regardless of his age (and how the law factors in today’s world), King Hammurabi was a visionary innovator. His desire to expand and improve upon his kingdom spawned fame for a civilization that is remembered to this day.

Hammurabi’s energy and vision provides a fascinating perspective on the life and decisions of a successful ruler. Much can be learned can learn from the story of this man, where instead of worrying about issues we may be experiencing today, we could actively try to fix them.

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